Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE)

Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE), a Gamaliel Foundation affiliate, is a faith-based grassroots organization in Hawaii founded in 1996. FACE grew out of a sponsoring committee established in the mid-1990s with the assistance of the Center for Community Change. In November 2008 FACE became a statewide organization when our Maui chapter was founded. We currently have a membership base of 27 institutions on Oahu, 24 on Maui, and one statewide institution. Combined on both islands, we are made up of 38 churches, a Buddhist temple, 2 Jewish congregations, 10 community groups and non-profit organizations, and one labor union. FACE’s membership reflects the cultural and socio-economic diversity of our community.

FACE met at St. E’s in March 2012 with an overflow crowd, standing room only, to hear community concerns about affordable housing, the immigration Dream Act and Pre-K classes for our keiki. The Mayor, the Chair of Honolulu’s City Council, State Senators and Representatives were all in attendance and spoke to those gathered about these issues. It was a rousing, uplifting evening and St. E’s FACE folks like Gretchen Jong, Sylvia Rowland and Chris Ling were right in the middle of the action!

Click here to go to the FACE website.

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