Catholic Worker’s Wallyhouse at St E’s!

In January 2018 we happily welcomed two members of the Third Order of St Francis, an Episcopal lay order of those who follow the Rule of St. Francis; namely a life of poverty and service to the least among us. David Catron and barbara bennett previously served nearly 15 years in Brazil, serving the poor there and establishing the Third Order among the Brazilian people. They have recently been joined by an aspirant named Niambi Mercado who hales from New Hampshire.

Wallyhouse is named in honor of our pal Wally Inglis, a lifelong peace activist and defender of the most vulnerable. Wally has been extremely active in the effort to serve Hansen’s disease patients and was a driving force in having the old Hale Mohalu transformed into low income housing for the elderly, the infirm and those suffering from Hansen’s disease. He and lovely wife Kay are actively involved in this ministry which includes Kay’s Cafe, a hot lunch every Tuesday for the houseless, a daily food pantry, free daily laundry service, a prayer wall and a soon to arrive peace garden!

Volunteers are always most welcome to pack a food pantry bag, fold some laundry, canoodle with Angie the wonder dog or just hang out in the all glass chapel!