Our friends from Kenya

This is Moses, an excellent farmer and nurturer of honey bees. While he has great skill and ability in these areas, like many in Kenya, he didn’t have the cash needed to buy a bee keeper outfit and he and his community group struggled with just a few hives. Thanks to the kindness of so many at St E’s, Moses and his group purchased the bee keeper protective clothing, and expanded their hives to 25. They now harvest 50 gallons per season of some of the finest honey ever to pass a human lip! The monies earned are used to help the group members, and the many widows and orphans in the village, with some always set aside to grow into new areas, like cattle raising.
This is Boniface, the trusty school bus and clergy driver who’s up at 4 am every day bringing children from remote areas to school, then driving volunteers to the various villages where micro enterprises are happening. He’s displaying one of the beautiful handmade bags created by the Empower Women’s group.