Our friends from Kenya

This is Moses, an excellent farmer and nurturer of honey bees. While he has great skill and ability in these areas, like many in Kenya, he didn’t have the cash needed to buy a bee keeper outfit and he and his community group struggled with just a few hives. Thanks to the kindness of so many at St E’s, Moses and his group purchased the bee keeper protective clothing, and expanded their hives to 25. They now harvest 50 gallons per season of some of the finest honey ever to pass a human lip! The monies earned are used to help the group members, and the many widows and orphans in the village, with some always set aside to grow into new areas, like cattle raising.
This is Boniface, the trusty school bus and clergy driver who’s up at 4 am every day bringing children from remote areas to school, then driving volunteers to the various villages where micro enterprises are happening. He’s displaying one of the beautiful handmade bags created by the Empower Women’s group. 




Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE)

Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE), a Gamaliel Foundation affiliate, is a faith-based grassroots organization in Hawaii founded in 1996. FACE grew out of a sponsoring committee established in the mid-1990s with the assistance of the Center for Community Change. In November 2008 FACE became a statewide organization when our Maui chapter was founded. We currently have a membership base of 27 institutions on Oahu, 24 on Maui, and one statewide institution. Combined on both islands, we are made up of 38 churches, a Buddhist temple, 2 Jewish congregations, 10 community groups and non-profit organizations, and one labor union. FACE’s membership reflects the cultural and socio-economic diversity of our community.

FACE met at St. E’s in March 2012 with an overflow crowd, standing room only, to hear community concerns about affordable housing, the immigration Dream Act and Pre-K classes for our keiki. The Mayor, the Chair of Honolulu’s City Council, State Senators and Representatives were all in attendance and spoke to those gathered about these issues. It was a rousing, uplifting evening and St. E’s FACE folks like Gretchen Jong, Sylvia Rowland and Chris Ling were right in the middle of the action!

Click here to go to the FACE website.

Give Aloha Program

Foodland's Give Aloha Program

Foodland’s Give Aloha Program

Give Aloha, Foodland’s Annual Community Matching Gifts Program, was created in 1998 to honor Foodland’s founder, Maurice J. “Sully” Sullivan, and continue his legacy of giving back to the community.

Foodland has allowed us to sign up for its ONE MONTH MATCHING FUND DRIVE in September. What does this mean, you ask? You can make your PLEDGE payment IN SEPTEMBER to Foodland (have your Ma‘ika‘i card and tell the cashier CODE 78661) and Foodland will match a portion of what you give and send the whole kit and kaboodle to St. E’s!! There is a limit of $249 per family for this campaign.

Hold on to your receipt, drop it in the collection basket with your name on it or give it to Fr. David and we’ll be sure to add whatever you gave through Foodland to your quarterly giving report. Let’s take advantage of an easy way to increase our pledge income!!

To find out more information about the Give Aloha program, please click here.

Children’s Outreach Center

Children's Outreach

Children’s Outreach

In January, 2012, the heart and soul of our Pacific Island Ministry, Fr. Saimone Lino, died suddenly. After much grieving and prayer, with the kind and generous consent of our Bishop, Fr. Saimone’s family has taken up the plow and continued his work among the children in need. Wife Fane and children Anaseini, Viliami and Joshua have been tireless in carrying on oiur outreach work among the immigrant youth and their families.

With the financial assistance of the Episcopal Diocese, the Honolulu Community Foundation and the congregation of St. Elizabeth’s, the Linos are actively involved in providing a variety of programs for our brothers and sisters in need. These include music lessons, cooking lessons, arts and crafts, reading and writing time, sewing, Micronesian wood crafts and work in our community garden.

These efforts are not limited to St. Elizabeth’s. The Linos are active with St. Peter’s, St. Mary’s outreach efforts and with St. Nick’s in Kapolei.

The program at St. E’s serves over 40 children on any given day. The summer program provides structured activities on Wednesday and Friday from 10-2, with unstructured activities all day Tuesday and Thursday. During the school year, a Wednesday through Saturday program runs.

On Sundays, Ajaon Chen, a truly gifted music teacher, provides a children’s music/choir hour for the children. The kids learn simple instruments and learn how to sing in harmony with one another.

The Linos live in the Parish rectory, the first clergy family to live in the rectory for many decades. Their presence in the neighborhood has done much to foster trusting and loving relationships with those the Pacific Island Ministry serves.

The Holy Spirit blesses us each day at St. E’s! Come by and feel the breeze!