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In war, children suffer. They are the "collateral damage" politiicans refer to when they dismiss civilian deaths in armed conflicts.
Under the leadership of Mary Page Jones, wife of the former Interim Rector of St. Elizabeth's, RagDolls2Love was a project whose goal was to put a soft cloth doll in the hands of children 6 and under in war-torn countries. RagDolls2Love was born because Mary Page read a story of how a Raggedy Ann doll was a tear catcher, friend, advisor and parent for a child who was in need. She knew a soft rag doll could bring comfort to children traumatized, maimed or orphaned by constant combat.
Hundreds of dolls have been made by volunteers at St. Elizabeth's and sent to Gaza, Mosul, Baghdad and other places of armed conflict. Other countries which have received dolls include Palestine/Israle; Haiti; The Sudan; Iraq; South Africa; Belarus; Mexico; Russia; Honduras; Brazil; Jamaica; China; Ethiopia; Sri Lanka; India; Zambia; Philippines; Nigeria; Uganda; Lithuania; Afghanistan; and in the United States to Krina victims in New Orleans.
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