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The Na Hokulele, aka Shooting Stars program continues to touch the hearts of everyone. Saturday’s program day defines what it means to be a community: “Love doesn’t mean doing extraordinary or heroic things. It means knowing how to do ordinary things with tenderness.” ÐÐJean Vanier, Community And Growth

It might seem ordinary, but the love and care that went into the activities: the sweet rolls, a hot cup of coffee, a yogurt cup, a clean diaper, a quick “pray in church,” another yogurt cup, a coffee pot refill, . . . are priceless.

Saturday there were children from the STEM Workshop, with HPU’s Eileen and Bryan, looking for bacteria in ordinary St. E’s places (the garden, on bugs, . . . gee, who knows where else they found it?) Lab work with the microscope followed to check out the students’ hypotheses . . .

Below are brief reports from Fane Lino (also our Registrar) about the registration and her Writing Workshop, from Juliette about Media/Filmmaking Workshop, and from Scott about the Adult Workforce Skills Workshop:

The Saturday Adult Training has three new men registered and eight women, for a total of 11 adults in Scott’s Workforce Skills class. There were 12 children with Juliette for the Media training class. The Literacy and the STEM class during the week has 47 children registered. Children range from 1st grade through 11th grade. We also have 7 four year olds registered. So far Na Hokulele students are 54 children + 11 Adults = 65

One literacy class ranges from ages 4 to 9 and the children are amazing! It seemed that one of the girls in first grade didn’t know the colors because she just sat there quietly, too shy to talk. But, when we sat one on one she not only knew her colors, she rattled off the entire alphabet! (Fane Lino)

Media/FilmmWe start with younger participants and then we switch groups and the older kids come to work on storytelling. With both groups, I talked about story and had them lay the basic arc for stories we are going to “tell” with pictures next week. Interestingly, the younger kids talked a lot about bullies and most of them named themselves as the main character or protagonist. The older class was more interested in talking about the violence in the community and how to defend against bad people, guns and fights. Next week we are going to story-board these ideas. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, I think we are going to be able to make some very incredible films. (Juliette)

Adult Workforce Skills. We had a full room with about 11 participants. They were all very attentive and wanted to learn. Their English comprehension skills are very low. However, I think that they understood the main point, the importance of goals. They are very interested in learning English and computer skills, so the next class should be exciting for them. A few of the participants were very enthusiastic about the program and excited about the skills we will be learning. This is going to be a good experience for us all. (Scott)

Stay tuned!

Suzanne Langford