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St. Elizabeth's and Friends build a Habitat for Humanity Home
by Sasha Fegan
For most, Saturday is a day designated for rest and relaxation. It is a much needed opportunity to recuperate from the battering of a grueling week. The notion that a person would brave an extended drive out ot the remote town of Mai'li in Waianae for something other than a dip in the its alluring ocean would seem to suggest self-destructive behavior. This was not so for a mismatched group of St. Elizabeth's Church members, loyal friends and volunteers from other organizations who devoted three Saturdays to a Habitat for Humanity project along the Waianae Coast. The gratification of helping the Johnson-Ho'ohuli family build a much-needed house was enough to make giving up eight hours on a Saturday a manageable feat.
For a complete description of this project, read about it in the July 2007 Vine and Branches newsletter by clicking here.